Sellers Information

S. No. Company Name Product Group
1 Abilities India Pistons & Rings Ltd. Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Kit, Cylinder
2 Accurate Products Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Lubrication Fittings, Pressed Components, Pressed Turned Products
3 Aeroaids Corporation Aerosol Spray Paints - Brand, Com-Paint
4 Agrim Components Pvt. Ltd. Gasket, Seals Rings, Anti Viberation Damper Mountings, Bellows, Gromets, Boots, Bulb Holders
5 Alkraft Thrmotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium Radiators, Charge Air Cooler, Oil Cooler, Engine Cooling Modules etc.,
7 Amar Autotech Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Components, Motorcycle parts
8 Ample Autotech Pvt. Ltd. Tie Rod End, Stablizer Link, Ball Joint, Drag Link
9 Amvian Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Latches, Passenger vehicle seating structures, and headrests
10 Anand Exports Pistons,Piston Rings,Cylinder Liners
11 ARB Bearings Ltd. Bearings & Bearing Components for Automotive, Industrial, Tractor
12 ASK Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Brake Shoes, Brake Liners, Clutch Plates, Controlled Cables, Disc Brake Pads, Brake Panel Assembly, Aluminium Die Casting Parts (Automotive/Non-Automotive)
13 ASL Industries Ltd. Kit Bell Crank Lever, Panel Face / Post, Link Rod, Fuel Tank Support, Male Eye Lug, Eye Plate
14 Auto Ignition Ltd. Starter Motors, Alternators, Solenoid Switches, Dynamos, Voltage Regulators, Ignition Coils, Stators
15 Bagla Electricals and Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Magneto, CDI, Regulator, Ignition Coils, Stater Motor, Sensor, Switches, Flashers, Relays etc.
16 Balu India Crankshafts Crankshafts (Forged, Roughed Turned & Semi Finished)
17 Belmont Rubber Pvt. Ltd. Rubber Moulded & Extruded Parts like Hoses, Profiles, O Rings, Bushes, Rubber to Metal Bonded Silicon Hoses
18 Bohra Rubber Pvt. Ltd. Hose, Molded Rubber Parts, Extruded Rubber Profiles, Oilseals, Cab Sealing System ( Door Seals, Windshield, Flock Channesl. Co-Extrusion, PVC Profiles, PVC), Rubber Moulded parts, Rubber to metal bonded parts, Speciality assembled parts, bellows, dust covers etc. EPDM Sealing Systems for Automotive Industry: Windshield Sealing Profiles, Co-Extruded Door Sealing Profiles, Door Trims, Flocked Profiles, Hood to Cowl Weather Strips, Sponge Profiles, Deck Lid Sealing Profiles, Sponge Insulations for HVAC Industry, Sponge Sealing Chords, Construction and Bulding Industry Profiles; PVC Extrusion Profiles: PVC Profiles with/without Metal Strips, Moulded Rubber Components: Grommets, Dust Covers, Socket Covers, Drain Hoses, Steering System Boots, Grommets/Bellows for Wiring Harness Assemblies; Speiality Assembled Components: Drain Hoses for HVAC Systems, Rubber to Metal Bonded Components like Bushes, Blinker Stay Assemblies & Isolators, Moulded Rubber Components with Tape Applications
19 Bony Polymers Rubber Moulded Components e.g. O Rings, Grommets, Ducts, Rubber To Metal Bonded e.g. Bushes, Engine Mounts & Others, Plastic Moulded Parts e.g. De-gassing Tanks for Cars, Foot Rest, Handle Grips for Two Wheelers, Hoses / Fuel Tubes e.g. Intercooler / Turbo Charger, Fuel Hoses, Radiator, Heater, Water & Others Hoses
20 Cousin Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Barcode Labels , Ribbon
21 Datta Industries UJ Cross, Ball Suspension Joints, Control Arm, Mountings, Transmission Mountings, Control Arm Bushes
22 Delux Bearing Pvt.Ltd. Clutch Release Bearings, Tensioner Bearing (Ball Bearing), Laufring, Taper Roller Bearing, Roller Bearing, Spherical Roller Bearing, Automotive Spare Parts, Kingpin Bearings, Steering Bearings, Steering Components
23 Emmforce Inc. Rear Axle Shafts, Front Axle Shafts, Drive Shafts, Stub Shafts, Coupling Yokes, Spools, Splindles, Brackets, Differential Housing, Rock Shafts, Leyshafts, Clutch Drum, Acutating Sleaves, Shocker Shim Kits, Bevel Gears, Pivot, King Pins
24 G. S. Enterprises Diesel Glow Plugs, All Engine and All type Tractor Glow plugs.
25 Gabriel India Ltd. 3/4 Wheeler Shock Absorber/Struts, 2 Wheeler Shock Absorbers/Front Forks
26 Gajra Gears Pvt Ltd Crown Wheel Pinion & Transmission Gears, Drive Axle Shaft, Spider Kit, Automotive Transmission, Gears for HCVs & LCVs
27 Gold Seal-SaarGummi India Pvt. Ltd. Parts & Accessories of Motor Vehicle: EPDM Rubber Weatherstrips, Window Channels , Solid /Sponge Rubbers /Windshield Weather Strips, Custom Designed Rubber Extruded Profiles, EPDM Rubber BI-Components Door Seals, Window Flock Channel, Sealing Profiles for Sun Roofs for Passenger Cars, SUV, CV, Buses, 3 Wheelers , Farm & Construction Equipment, 2 Wheeler Seat Beading
28 Goldy Precision Stampings Pvt.Ltd. Plastic Moulded Components
29 Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Locks, Fuel Cocks, Ignition Switches, Combination Switches
30 Guru Nanak Auto Enterprises Rear Axle Shafts, Torsion Bars & Brackets, Spindles, Spindle Shafts, Brakes S Cam Shafts, Wheel Spindle, Input Shafts, Output Shafts, CV Shafts, Clutch Shafts, Track Bars, Steel Forgings, Companion Flanges, Wheel Hubs, Pivot Pin
31 Harpreet Industries Drive Shaft Slip Yoke, UJ Cross, Ball Suspension Joints, Control Arm
33 Invincia Agroimpex Pvt.Ltd. Spindles Kind Pins, Hubs, Hydraulickparts, for Tractors, Large range of Parts for massey Ferguson, FORD NH, Case tractors specilist Brake, Hydarlic & Engine
34 J. K. Fenner (India) Ltd. V & Fan Belts, Oil Seals
35 Jai Jawan Auto Components Push Pull Switches, Head Light Switches, Ideal Switches
36 Jaidarshan Indocraft Pvt. Ltd. Cylinder Liners & Cylinder Sleeve.
37 Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. Conventional & Parabolic Leaf Springs
38 Kaneri Industries Brake Disc
39 LK Automotive Pvt. Ltd. U Bolt, Brake Shoe, Clutch Assembly, Exhaust, Axle, Sheet Metal, Tubular Components, Chassis, door, seating systems
40 Lumax Auto Technologies Ltd. Plastic Moulded Parts, Seat Frame, Kighting, Lamp Shade, Chassis
41 Luthra Industrial Corporation  C I Casting, Pig Iron, Lubricant, Flywheel Ring Gear
42 M K Auto Clutch Co. Clutch Plates, Brake Shoes, Disk Brake Pads, Clutch Assemblies, Brake Linings
43 Maco Pvt. Ltd. Piston Pins For All Types of Engines, Crank Pins, Connecting Rods, King Pins, Differential Pins, Other Pin Type Components
44 Machino Plastics Ltd. Plastic Mouldings, Assemblies, Dies, Modules.
45 Makino Automotive Multi Plate Clutch, Clutch Plates, Disc Pads, Brake Shoes
46 Mark Exhaust Systems Ltd. Catalytic Convertors, Exhaust Systems for Passenger Cars, Mufflers for 2 Wheelers, Door Sash/ Rolled Section for Passenger Cars, EGR Pipes, Sheet Metal Parts and Assemblies, Water and Oil Pumps, Door Balancers, Mufflers for Stationery Engines, Frames for Two Wheelers, Shock Absorbers
47 Meghdoot Pistons Pvt. Ltd. Pistons, G Pin, Rings, Cylinder Blocks, Liners, Sleaves
48 Minda Corporation Ltd. Locks & Ignition Switches, Wiring Harness, Control Cables, Instruments, Bearings, Filter, Wiper Blade, Clutch Plate, Brake Shoe, CDI, RR, Relay, Starter Coil, Starter Motor, Wiper Blade, Electronic & Mechanical Security Systems
49 Minda Industries Ltd. Alternate Fuel Systems, Air Filtration Systems, Alloy Wheels, Automotive Lightings, 4 Wheeler Switches, Wheels Covers, Seat Belts, Steering Wheel with Airbags, Body Sealing, Fuel caps, Automatic Gear Shifters, Blow Molding Components, 2 Wheeler Switches, General Castings, Sensor and Body Electronics, Head Lamp Leveling Motors, Actuators, Electronic Accelerator Pedal Assembly, Audio Systems, Speakers, Air Brakes, Clutch Actuation Systems & Automotive Horns, Telematics & Connected Car Solutions
50 MVD Auto Components Pvt. Ltd. Auto Electrical Switches, Sensors, Relays etc.
51 Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt. Ltd Automobile Lighting Equipments: Head Lamps, Rear Combination Lamps, Auxiliary Lamps, Tail/Stop/Turn Signal Lamps, Fog/Driving Lamps, LED Lamps, Agricultural Work Lamps, Roof Lamps, Beacons, Off Road Lamps, Sheet Metal and Plastic Components
52 Nipman Fastener Industries Pvt Ltd Steering System Components and Automotive Fasteners, High Tensile Bolts, Screws, Studs, Cold Forged Components for the Automotive Industry
53 Paragon Industries. Parabolic and Conventional Leaf Springs, Brake Linings, U-Bolts, Bronze/ Brass Bushes, Shaft & Suspension Components and other Chassis Parts for Commercial Vehicles, Trailers and SUVs.
54 Samkrg Pistons and Rings Ltd. Piston, Pistons Rings, Cylinder heads, Cylinder Liners
55 Sellowrap Industries Pvt. Ltd. Door Water Deflectors, NVH Solutions, Foam Insulations, Vaccum Forming, Thermoforming and Plastic Injection Moulded Parts, EPP – Tool Box , Bumper Energy Absorber
56 Shree Amba Industries Front Fender, Head Light Visor, Helmet, Pannier Box, Tail Panel, Side Panel, Control Cables, Mirrors, Blinkers, Filters, Die Casting Products
57 Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. Pistons, Pistons Pins, Pistons Rings, Engine Valves
58 Sigma Corporation India Ltd. For Passenger Cars: Rubber Moulded Parts, Engine & Transmission, Mounts, Strut Mounts and Complete Kits, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Mounts, Hydraulic Bushes, Rubber Exhaust Parts, Harmonic Dampers/TVD’s, Drive Line Couplings, For Trucks & Trailers: Engine, Transmission & Body Mounts, Air Brake Chambers, Axle Dust Covers, Suspension Rubber Bushes, Suspension Hangers, `U’ Bolts, Forged & Casted Suspension Parts, Axle, Brake and Wheel Machined Parts
59 Smoto Industries Pvt. Ltd. Chain Sprockets, Sprockets, Chain Sprockets Kit
60 Steelbird International Rubber Mounting Components, Rubber to Metal Bonded Components, Suspension Rubber Bushes, Silent Block Boshes, Rubber Mounts - Bumper & Dampers, Rubber Boots & Bellows, O Ring, Oil Seals, Rubber Grommets, Rubber Gaskets, Diaphragms, Rubber Mounted Hoses, Rubber Mattings, PVC & Plastic Moulded Components, Oil, Fuel & Air Filters
61 Stork Rubber & Products Ltd. Engine Mountings, Rubber Bushes, Silent Block Bushes, Hydro Mounts
62 Super Circle Auto Ltd. Disc Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Brake Linings, Roll Linings, Piston Rings, Backing Plates, Unlined Brake Shoes, Steel Wool Fibres, Bronze and Copper Fibres
63 Talbros Automotive Components Ltd. Gasket and Gasket Set Made of Two or More than Two Layer; Gasket of Rubber; Gasket of Cork; Paper Gasket; Felt Gasket; NA Gasket; Steel Washer; Copper Gasket; Aluminium Gasket; Tyre Sealant; Sheet Metal Part/Heat Shield
64 Technocrat Connectivity Systems Pvt. Ltd. Wiring Harness Assembly, Sub Assy, Auto Electricals Parts
65 The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd. Autonomous Mobile Industrial Robots, Advance Driver Assistive System
66 Yugal Precision Pvt. Ltd. Transmission, Gear Box, Differencial Thrust Washers, Non-Ferrous Forgings, Synchronizer Rings, Slider Pads, Bushes, Other Auto Parts